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It’s all about the dating pictures

The best profile pictures are absolutely paramount to a successful online dating exchange. Dating pictures do more than just add texture to your online dating profile in Oshawa, Canada – they put a face behind your words, and that face is absolutely necessary if you’re looking to maximize your chances of meeting up with the person you’re chatting with. With no further ado, here are a few of the best dating pictures that are sure to catch her eye.

The mirror selfie

Now, this one needs to be done right in order to avoid coming across as an incorrigible douche. The first rule to keep in mind when taking a mirror selfie is not to pose as if you’re a seasoned Calvin Klein model, because you’re not (unless you are, in which case just go for it). It’s advised to hold the camera with two hands while taking a mirror selfie, and smile nice and big. Don’t act too morose or bothered, because you won’t be fooling anyone. When taken correctly, the mirror selfie will add some nice spice to your range of online dating photos.

Casual selfie while on the go

One of the best online profile photos is the classic casual selfie while on the go. The one I like to take most is right before going out for a long bike ride, with my helmet on. Here, it’s not necessary to smile if you don’t feel like it. For instance, with my pre-bike ride selfie, I usually put on a determined intense facial expression, one that shows that I understand the demands of the exercise that I’m about to face and I’m ready to take on a challenge. This shows the women I’m chatting with a side of who I really am, and they know that I step up to challenges in life unmercilessly, always.

Thoughtful selfie at the library

Of course, this one only applies if you’re the type of person who actually spends some of his free time at the library. It’s important to note that, even with the ‘best’ dating pictures, women can sniff out dishonesty when they come across it. Basically, if you haven’t been to a library since high school, she’ll know that you’re just posing at the library in order to look smart. However, if the library is a common place that you dwell, there’s no reason not to show your intellectual side and take a nice snap of yourself before you dig into a sweet piece of literature. If you have reading glasses, slap ‘em on – that will show her the emphasis you place on healthy eye care, which is a strong trait that women look for when finding a man.

Happy selfie with friends

With the multitude of actual creeps that women have to deal with online, it gives them some form of relief to see that the man they’re chatting with actually has a few friends. If you do tend to spend your time with other people occasionally, it would be great to take a happy selfie with them before – or during – your big night. Tell everyone to smile and say cheese, since this has historically proven to provide the very best pictures possible. Once she sees that you’re not a hermit who hasn’t left his house in weeks, you’ll have a much better chance of meeting up with her for drinks.

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