3 Tips For How To Ask For A Girl’s Number in the UK

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There are a lot of dating tricks you can use in online dating for how to ask for a date, or how to ask for a girl’s phone number. All the tricks come down to how you communicate with her. It’s important to remember that the more available you are, the better you are at listening, and the more curious you seem about her, the more likely it is that she will respond favorably when you ask for her number. A women on one of the best dating sites will expect you to chat with her for a little while before she wants to consider meeting up with you. The way to make this stage happen faster is to ask for her phone number. This online dating trick can be accomplished in a number of different ways, but here are 3 tips for how to ask for a girls number. Once you get her number, you can begin focusing on how to ask for a date. We will touch on that point too.

How To Ask For A Girls Number

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you don’t message her too much. Just make one introductory message and wait for her reply. Once she does reply, it’s always good to start off asking about some of her hobbies. That way, if you share any of her hobbies, you can ask for her number and join her one day. Dating tricks are all about leading the conversation to the conclusion you want. This is a pretty good way to do it because women that use those best British dating sites will all have a lot of hobbies to talk about.

Online Dating Profile Pictures

The best legit dating sites are filled with attractive people that know they are attractive and want to show off. They all have sexy profile pictures that make them seem very enticing. That’s why you need to focus on your online dating profile picture to make it as sexy and appealing as possible. The profile picture should show off your manliness and make it seem like you are not even trying to look good. Looks are everything when it comes to the best dating sites, so don’t let this part of your profile slide otherwise it will be hard to ask for a girls number.

Dating Tricks

Once you have seduced her with a sexy profile pic, the time has come to figure out how to ask for her phone number. Aside from talking about her hobbies, which is the taking is slow option, another dating trick that often works is to offer her your number first. This will take her off guard and she probably will never text you first, but just say “hey, take my number down and we’ll chat later”, and that breaks the ice perfectly. Her reaction will probably be positive, and she might even return the favor and say the same thing! Or she will text you later and give you her number. It really depends on the women and the dating site, but either one of these outcomes will happen if you take the initiative and giver her your number first.

Another way to go about it is to utilize a very straightforward approach that the most confident men can pull off. It’s a real dating trick to learn if you want to always be one step ahead and keep the power in your conversations. The way to do it is to just ask her straight up to give you her phone number. You can say something like “hey it was great chatting, give me your number and we can talk later”. If your messaging was going well on the site, then she will probably be okay to share her number. That’s how you keep the power in the conversation.

How To Ask For A Date

Once you have her number by following any one of these tricks, you can then approach the question of how to ask for a date. This is a little bit more tricky because you are one step closer to her in real life, and so you have to be careful what you ask for and how fast you ask for it. Don’t ask for a date in the first text message you send her, for example. Instead, casually chat with her for a week or so as you both go about your day. Then, plan to go out in her neighbourhood and on that night randomly message her and see if she’s around. Keeping it casual like this is best because you are still in control of the conversation. Now you only have to pick where to go out.

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