Cougar Dating Reviews – Meet Women Online or at the Local Bar?

pick up girlsMeeting Women in Bars or Online?

With the introduction of online dating, there has been a divergence from the traditional method of meeting women at the bar. This has caused a debate to rise between men as to which is the best way to meet women, whether it is online or at the bar. While there are benefits to both methods, there are also drawbacks to each as well. The best way to meet women probably comes down to style and preference on how to pick up girls, but for the sake of the conversation, I would like to evaluate the pros and cons of each method. My own personal preference is for dating online with sites like this hot dating site , but I will give an honest and unbiased review of both methods to help you choose the best way to meet women.

Meeting Women at the Bar

For a long time, meeting women at the bar was the most common way of hooking up with someone on a Friday night. Mix in some music and a few drinks, and the recipe was usually right for meeting a hot woman at the bar. It can be a really fun way of dating and you can often go out with a few friends who all have the same intentions as well. The nights are usually spontaneous and you can never be quite sure who you are going to meet, or if there will even be another woman at the bar. Most traditional pick up artists will say that this is the one of the best ways to pick up girls, but is it really the most effective? The following is a list of the pros and cons of trying to meet women at the bar:

Pros for Meeting Women at the Bar

  • The environment is perfect for meeting other single people. Many people go to the bar with the intention of finding someone to hook up with, so this can make for a great mix of people perfect for flirting and hopefully moreā€¦
  • Drinks help loosen everyone up. Throw a few cocktails into the scene and everyone is much more likely to let go and have a bit of fun.
  • Dance floors are like hook up machines. They are a great way to get out and makes a perfect excuse for physical contact to start heating things up.

Cons for Meeting Women at the Bar

  • There is a limited amount of options at any given bar. No matter how busy it gets, there will still only be so many available women at a bar, and if you are going out on a Tuesday, you may find yourself trying to hit on the waitress.

  • Loud music can kill your chances of having a real conversation with anyone. This might make it a little more difficult to impress that cute brunette with stories of your escapades.
  • It can be difficult to approach a girl in person without knowing a thing about her except for a brief glance through flashing lights and beer goggles. Thank goodness for pick up line, I guess.

Dating Online to Meet Women

Dating online has become increasingly popular over the past few years for a few good reasons. It is a great way to meet women from all over the world, and you have the chance to get to know through their profiles before you even make contact. It is also much easier to match with people who share similar interests thanks to dating algorithms and matching programs. However, navigating the endless sea of profiles can also be a bit challenging.

Pros for Dating Online

  • There are a lot of options. Online dating means that you can access thousands of profiles at any time.

  • Dating sites offer programs that match you with people who share similar likes and interests, which greatly increases your chances of making a meaningful connection.
  • Online dating gives you the chance to present yourself and share your own interests through your profile, which makes it much easier to attract someone who likes what you do.

Cons for Dating Online

  • Fake profiles can be a real bummer. You can never be sure what to expect on the other side of the screen.

  • If you do end up setting up a date with someone online, chances are that you might end up in a bar anyways.
  • Some conversations never lead anywhere, and you could end up spending hours chatting without ever having a real date.

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