The Best Dogging Websites For British Doggers

´╗┐If you are a dogger, then we suspect that you would much prefer to be partaking in the real thing rather than looking at it on a computer at home. Virtual dogging though can be almost as good as the real thing, and a lifesaver if you are home all alone. Some of the best dogging websites for British doggers on the internet have great real videos from real dogging sessions. These videos mean that you can (virtually) partake in some great action, from all around the country rather than just in your own local area. Also you can use these sites to talk online to other doggers, both in your area and from around the country, learning new techniques to help you out next time you are dogging.The internet is always going to be a better bet for your first foray into dogging than just driving around looking for some parked cars. That is likely to end up with you in hospital as you peer desperately into strangers’ cars looking for naked people. But if you just do a bit of research on the web before going out then you can find out the dos and don’ts of dogging and not make a fool of yourself. There are plenty of sites around dedicated to dogging, and most will have forums where doggers chat about their exploits all day long. I recommend signing up to some of these hookup sites here and looking through all the information available so you can get a better idea of what dogging entails before you go. On most of these you can ask questions about the two most important things for a newcomer dogger – what and where. What are you supposed to do at a dogging meeting, and how are you expected to behave so that you get what you want without upsetting people? And, where in your local area do doggers meet, and when is the best time of the week and day to go and see some juicy action.watching dogging online

Watching Dogging Online

Often there will also be videos and photos of great nights on these sites so you can see exactly what happens at dogging meetings and specifically find out what happens at the ones near you. Then you can chose the hottest people and just hang out with them.Obviously it is not difficult to find porn on the web, and finding dogging porn is as easy as any other. Most big sites will have hundreds of amateur videos taken by doggers all over the country, and beyond, and you can always find photos taken on any image sharing sites. Normally the faces are masked to keep peoples anonymity, but the important parts of their anatomy are not. You may feel that it is not as good as being there, but it will definitely work for when you have that itch you just have to scratch.These videos can inspire doggers to even greater heights. Once you see what other people are up to then no doubt you will want to copy, getting more involved with your local scene or just trying out new stuff when you are at a meet. They may also inspire you to travel more, checking out some of the action and meetings in the videos or photos and seeing what else is available around the country. This is a great way to not only meet new people but really to take your sex and dogging life to a whole new level.There are loads and loads of sites on the internet dedicated to dogging websites for British doggers, you can find a great list on the Dogging Guide Blog, as long as you know where to look. These often have the forums attached like above, but will also have generally advice and lists available to make sure you can start dogging straight away. The advice will be of the kind that is just enough to make sure that you can play along on the night and not get punched for doing something wrong. The lists can be a real boon to the beginner though, as they allow you to have the secret knowledge of dogging spots without have to go around asking people in pubs, or just driving around your home town of Bradford hoping to run into some action.british dogging

Learning the Virtual Ropes

Being a new dogger is an odd experience. Everyone will look at you strange, probably trying to work out if you are a cop or not, and no one will take you seriously. This will be doubly bad if you also do not act seriously because you do not know what you are doing. Therefore, these sites are a real boon for new doggers now. Back in the day it was a matter of just turning up and learning the ropes as you went, but now you can find out in advance all about what and what does not happen at these meetings and get a grasp before you go of what is going to be expected of you.I suggest following some social media accounts related to dogging if you want the latest information, stories and meets about the dogging world. These accounts really give the very latest updates, including real time about where is hot right now. Of course, you might want to follow these discreetly through fake accounts if other people do not know what you get up to at the weekends, but following them is a must for any 21st century dogger.virtual dogging


By following some of these ideas you can definitely get a better idea of the dogging world, without leaving the comfort of your own home. In today’s world, it is a good idea to follow a few social media accounts of prominent doggers and dogging websites for British doggers. This will give you all the newest information and allow you to be informed about your decision if you choose to start dogging. You can find out who are the big dogs (pardon the pun) near you by chatting to them on online forums and chat sites. Most doggers will also sign up to forum or two to keep abreast of developments and talk securely to other doggers around the country. Obviously it can be difficult to find people to talk to about dogging exploits, so a place to talk online and let off some steam can be a real boon for doggers. A lot of the people on these sites will be more than willing to help you learn about dogging and tell you what the good areas around your town are. The lists on regular dogging websites for British doggers are not necessarily updated regularly, so using either these forums or talking to people in Facebook or twitter will give you a much better idea about what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s on the polices watch list.This kind of thing, along with watching dogging movies online, may not be exactly what you want when you want to start dogging, but spending a little bit of time here and not charging off into the car park can pay dividends in the future. It allows you to learn at your own pace, not risk humiliation by doing something wrong at a meet, and allows you to get ready for that big day when you do eventually turn up at the car park.

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